Classes used by SpiderAdmin.

The SpiderAdmin service uses an agent (the spider-admin dependency) to exchange data with the applications that it governs. This package contains the classes that are used in this exchange. The basic SpiderAdmin function does not require any user coding (except including the dependency in the project) and will use these classes transparently. However if you want to customize the application's SpiderAdmin page you would find here what you need.

SpiderAdmin customization is done by overriding related methods of class Main. If you do that then the method that you will most frequently override Main.getPageInfo() and Main.customAdminService(), both of them use classes defined in this package. The first returns an object of type PageInfo that specifies the layout the application page. By hooking into this object you can use addButton() to add custom operation buttons at the top of the page, and addTable() to add custom tables.

Having added custom buttons and tables, you would need override Main.customAdminService() in order to handle button operations and provide data for the new tables. You would return an object of type OpResults if you do the first and TableData for the second.

For details see the class descriptions in this package.