Package org.spiderwiz.annotation

Annotation classes used by the Spiderwiz framework.

Spiderwiz uses annotation tags to carry on its work. Some of the tags, namely WizMain, WizObject and WizQuery, decorate the building blocks classes of the framework - Main, DataObject and QueryObject respectively. These tags are used internally by the framework and are inherited by subclasses of the annotated classes. The other tags, namely WizField and WizSerializable, are used by the user to provide serialization hints to the framework.

  • Annotation Types Summary 
    Annotation Type Description
    Identifies a serializable field of a serializable class.
    Identifies the class as the Main class in a Spiderwiz project.
    Identifies the class as a Data Object in the Spiderwiz framework.
    Identifies the class as a Query Object in the Spiderwiz framework.
    Identifies a class as serializable by the Spiderwiz framework.