Class ZDictionary

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Map<String,​String>

public class ZDictionary
extends ZHashMap<String,​String>
Equivalent of ZHashMap<String,String> with some utility methods.
See Also:
Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • ZDictionary

      public ZDictionary()
      Constructs an empty ZDictionary with the default initial capacity and the default load factor.
    • ZDictionary

      public ZDictionary​(Map<String,​String> m)
      Constructs a new ZDictionary with the same mappings as the specified Map.
      m - the specified map.
  • Method Details

    • parseParameterList

      public static ZDictionary parseParameterList​(String parList)
      Gets a parameter list string and returns a dictionary object that maps keys to values.

      The parameter is a list of pairs key=value concatenated by a semicolon (;). The assignment is optional. The list may contain keys that are not assigned to values, in which case the returned dictionary maps the keys to null.

      All keys in the returned dictionary are converted to lowercase.

      parList - parameter list in the format "key1=value1;key2=value2;..."
      a dictionary object that maps keys (converted to lowercase) to values.